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DX16XT are high performance 16 channel 3 way audio signal splitter units. It offers transformer isolated audio splits.
Primarily designed for microphone signals, DX16XT are extremely flexible units suitable for use in live performance and recording environments where split audio feeds are required to be simultaneously distributed to the FOH, monitor console, and or recording engineer.
Connectivity is proved in the form of 16 XLR inputs and outputs on the front panel, with a further 32 channel outputs in the form of XLR and 25-pin D-Sub on the rear.
A sturdy 2RU metal chassis construction ensures maximum durability for the road or studio.
NOTE: The DX16T includes high quality transformers which are specifically designed for the purpose of splitting the signal from one input to 3 outputs in a 1:3 setup without adding any artifacts to the audio. The 25pin D-sub configuration is compatible with the standard Tascam/Pro Tools format which is widely used in the industry. From input to output the DX16 uses a double sided PCB from the input connector to the output connectors for each set of 8 channels as well as the XLR's being individually screwed to the Metal Case.   (Daily Hire Rate - See Below for More Information)


  • This item is priced for Hire on a Per/day Basis. Multi-Day, Week rates and System Packages are Available. Reach out via Chat, Email or Phone if you want to know more!
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