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Beige Microphone Belts for Theatre Groups & TV Production work.
We supply specialised microphone belts for PA hire and production companies, theatre groups and football (any code) referees, touch judges, coaches assistants, and tEachers.
They come in 3 sizes - Small, Medium and Large, without buckles, with a velcro fixing system for comfort without the tell-tale fastener bumps when worn under shirts or tops. 
Approx. adjustable sizes;
Small: 56cm to 76cm
Medium: 66cm to 86cm
Large: 76cm to 96cm
The pouches are big enough to hold most wireless transmitters as well as many current comms tranceivers. There are made from beige neoprene to minimise the transparency when on stage and under lights. They do not have a logo.
Also available at an extra cost in double and triple pouch versions for rugby lea.gue referees umpires etc. TV! Please email for a quote.
NB. Please note that the images Featured are correct at the time of print, however occasionally there are discrepancies in the fabric colour; therefore, sometimes the belt colours may appear different to the images shown. Offer is for Aeromic Standard Pouchbelt only.   (Daily Hire Rate - See Below for More Information)

Velcro adjustable Pouch belt for bodypack transmitter in beige - Large 106cm

  • This item is priced for Hire on a Per/day Basis. Multi-Day, Week rates and System Packages are Available. Reach out via Chat, Email or Phone if you want to know more!
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