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SW250 - Silent Snow Machine with wireless remote control and DMX
Are you looking for snow machine with wireless control? Are you looking for snow machine which can generate higher volume of snow output? If you need either or both of above features for snow machine, then Antari SW-250 is your best solution. 
SW-250 is not only a completely digitalized snow machine with on-board DMX and wireless control, but also can create a real blizzard effect.Compare to its predecessors, S-100II & S-200, its snow output is increased about 250% at maximum. In addition, timer and volume (1~100% output) control functions allow you to control the snowflakes effect even more accurately.

SW250 Silent Snow Machine

SKU: SW250
  • Voltage : 240 Volt Power Consumption : 1290 W Output : 250 ml / min Tank Capacity : 5 liter Fluid Consumption Rate : 4 min / liter (100% Output) Remote Included : W1 Wireless Transmitter Remote Optional: SC2 Volume Remote Accessory Include : Hanging Bracket Weight : 12.6 Kg Dimensions (mm) : L 554 W 276 H 228 DMX : On board Liquid Used : Antari SL5N, SL5AN and SLUV
  • This item is typically in stock with our supplier and ships within 1-5 Days, though product lead times may vary.

    Please contact us prior to ordering to confirm Availability

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