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MIPRO Dual Channel Diversity Receiver. 1/2 RU metal rack mountable receiver. 961 selectable frequencies, detachable antenna, independent XLR and 6.35mm jack outputs and selectable jack mixed output. Features Auto Scan and ACT for one-button frequency sync to transmitters. Single and Dual rack kits available. 6B frequency band.   (Daily Hire Rate - See Below for More Information)

Receiver LCD Status Screen" Dual Channel 16 Frequency" 6B

SKU: ACT312B-6-H
  • CPU diversity receiving."PiloTone & NoiseLockdual-squelch circuit eliminates signal drop-out and minimizes interference. All controls are intuitive and easily operated via electronic buttons to prevent accidental operation. Industrydeg.s only RF interference warning indicator for proper adjustments of the SQ level. Increase sensitivity to extend receiving range; decrease the sensitivity to reduce interference. Auto Scan function allows quick search for an interference-free working channel. Worlddeg.s first ACT - function provides precise and rapid frequency sync to the transmitters. Output level is pre-adjusted to equal the microphone capsuledeg.s sensitivity. Switchable output levels for the best sound quality options. Receiver provides bias voltage for MIPRO antenna systems to enhance reception range and signal stability.
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