Everyone loves fancy disco lights, but how about some strobing, flashing, moving lightsabre-like lighting cutting through wicked smoke to make your party beyond exceptionally cool! 


Create a lightshow to impress and get the people out of their chairs and on to the dance floor with the LifeLike Ultimate Disco Boogie Light, Strobe, Moving Head Lamp and Smoke Party Pack. Two Disco Boogie Lights, a Strobe, two Moving Head Lamps and Smoke Machine — are perfect for bands, DJs, and public speaking. This Party Pack also includes sturdy lighting stands, as well as cables. For an impressive lighting setup, the LifeLike Ultimate Disco Boogie Light, Strobe, Moving Head Lamp and Smoke Party Pack is highly recommended and compliments a LifeLike Sound Party Pack. 

Ultimate Disco Boogie Light, Strobe, Moving Head Lamp & Smoke Party Pack

  • Additional Items are avaialbe to enhance your party or event. Contact our team to discuss the options for getting the most out of your next event

    • Disco Boogie Light x 2
    • Lighting Stand
    • Strobe
    • Smoke Machine
    • Moving Head Lamp x 2
    • Cables
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