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Combine the LifeLike Powered Speakers, Sub w/ Amplifier Party Pack & Ultra-Bright Projector and Inflatable Screen Party Packs to get the ultimate cinematic experience!


A 5,000 Lumen Ultra-Bright Projector with a 4.9m Inflatable Projection Screen accompanied with two Mackie Thump 15A powered loudspeakers — with 15" drivers and 1,300 watts of power, two Dual 12" Subs and 1200 watts of power and Amplifier — are perfect for the ultimate cinematic experience. This Party Pack also includes sturdy speaker stands, as well as cables for connecting to your mixing console. For the ultimate cinematic experience, for up to 100 people, the LifeLike Ultimate Cinema Inflatable 4.9m Screen Party Pack is highly recommended.

(Daily Hire Rate - See Below for More Information)

Ultimate Cinema Inflatable 4.9m Screen Party Pack HIRE

  • Daily Hire Rate

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