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Can you afford not to enhance your “Duty of Care” by protecting not only your students, but also your teachers and assets. Only Lifelike can help you to do both by employing a state of the art integrated solution.


Making use of the most advanced concepts of digital intelligence in the area
of surveillance and physical security, the Digifort System embarks upon a new
age in the active and passive surveillance of security cameras, integrating
solutions and offering the most modern technologies that are available today.
With large numbers of connected devices coming together, there is so much
data being generated and will continue to grow. Ultimately we need to make
sense of the data.
Bringing together technology and intelligence, Digifort will provide a solution
that is a value-add to our customers who are the ones using it every day.


  • IP Camera Monitoring & Recording

  • Advanced Digital Analytics

  • Enhanced Time Shift Video Synopsis

  • Integrated with 100s of Filters and Live Views

    • Fast review - Review hours of footage in minutes

    • Pattern Recognition

    • Advanced Filters

    • Video Contents Analytics

    • Speed Filter

    • Object Size, Colour

    • Abandoned & Removed Object

    • Dwell Filter

    • People Counting

    • Enter / Exit Filter

  • Enhanced Learning Management System Integration

    • Monitor Assets and Record Lessons / Lectures  at the same time​

  • Facial Recognition Systems

    • Attendance Recording, Access Control​

  • Number Plate Capture / Recording

    • Record details of those who access using Vehicular means​

  • Virtual Fencing / Out of Bounds Monitoring

    • Effectively monitor areas that are Out Of Bounds​

  • Anti-Bullying​ Capabilities

    • Capture and Record​ Incidents and Audio in Real Time, from Fixed or Movable Camera Positions (Utilise SmartPhone Technology to Record directly to your system)

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